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[Aug. 24th, 2006|12:14 pm]
Haha, oh god, I am such a geek.
I'm already up to the bust on the back of my sweater, and it's only the day after I bought all the yarn! It's the perfect sweater to knit for the little ADD girl inside of me - a bunch of rows of ribbing, and as soon as you get sick of that, you go to plain stockinette; and then right when you're anxious to get to the fair isle, it comes for about eleven rows; and then it goes back into stockinette when you're sick of thinking so hard; and then back into the fair isle just when stockinette gets too boring again... see what I mean? Gah, it's perfect. I barely put it down yesterday.

I have run into a couple of issues, though... or really, just one - the purple is far far too close in colour to the brown. They look like the same colour. Even when they are right beside each other. SO I think what I'll do is just take out the purple altogether (it was only used in one area anyway) and replace it with the grey, and use the purple for something else. Like another sweater. In fair isle. Because honestly, I am SO obsessed with it again. It's just what the doctor ordered at the end of the summer, when I'm getting kind of restless and very strapped for concentration. It gets me right back down to focussing my energy into something useful, instead of doing essentially nothing.

In other news, being raw vegan is NOT as hard as it looks. I made lasagne the other night. Out of kale (for the noodles), mushrooms, tomato basil sauce (which I made myself in my new FOOD PROCESSOR) and cheese (made from a blend of nuts, olive oil, spices, and red pepper). I would even go so far as to say that it's even better than real lasagne.

And I'm feeling so much more energized.